How to select the sports bra that will fit you perfectly

If you do sports, you know that every element of your sportswear is crucial for your comfort. Choosing the right sports bra can become a very challenging task for women who go in for sports. Your mistake may result in soft tissue damage, pain, and a lot of discomfort during workouts. In this blog, we will give you some useful advice that will help you avoid such consequences.

The first thing you should  remember about is that different physical activities require different types of bra. For example, a low-support bra is ideal for yoga or walking but is not the best option for running, which definitely requires a high-support model. The more active you are, the more support you need from your bra. If you are engaged in numerous sports activities, make sure you have several different bras for each.

The second factor to bear in mind is the type of construction. Sports bras minimize the movement of your breasts by either encapsulating or compressing them. Encapsulation bras have individual cups, while compression bras compress the breasts against the chest. Choose the one that provides maximum comfort.

Pay attention to other characteristics too. The band gives you the primary support by forming the foundation of your bra. That is why it should not hang loose but should not be too tight either. Shoulder straps should feel secure (choose wider ones) and should not stretch too much. Back closure can have hooks to adjust the fit or can be without them if you prefer the smooth touch. If your sports bra has an underwire, it will support each breast individually. Finally, one of the most important characteristics is the material. Wicking fabrics will move moisture away from the skin.

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